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Facebook Page Redesign is Bad News for App Makers

Mar 13, 2014

On the heels of last week’s announced News Feed redesign, the social giant has decided to keep the momentum going and make significant changes to the appearance of Fan pages as well.

The streamlined page look is certainly a welcome change from the confusing dual column mess that is currently in place, and will make for a much cleaner user experience when perusing the latest posted content on fan pages.

If you are thinking something is missing from this new layout you would be correct, this would be the conspicuous omission of the Facebook Tabs bar below the cover image. It has been confirmed by Facebook that custom Tab applications have not disappeared completely, but rather will be housed in the under the dreaded “More” sub-menu.

This certainly can not be good news for third party Facebook Application makers like Short Stack and North Social. Having already been marginalized by Facebook’s relaxing of rules pertaining to the cheap and effective “Like & Share” contests this redesign now strips them of their prime real estate below the cover image and creates serious doubts about their already tenuous future.

While user engagement with tab applications has been on the decline for some time, they still serve a valuable function for marketers as a catch all or sorts for showcasing other social networks, contests etc. With their presence now heavily marginalized marketers will have a decision to make as to whether the monthly fee required to develop and use these custom applications still makes sense or could be better spent elsewhere.

Facebook’s struggles to effectively integrate the tabs bar into its mobile platforms is certainly a key contributor in their downfall and as users continue to flee in droves to mobile devices this move is a shock to no one. However that will not make this development any easier for third party app makers to swallow. Such is life in the ever changing land of Facebook, Zuckerberg giveth Zuckerberg taketh away.

R.I.P Facebook Tabs Bar 2010 - 2014

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