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It’s Here!

Apr 02, 2013

We love digital and are excited to share our latest Chimp site! We invite you to check us out and cruise the latest easy to use and navigate Chimp Content Management System. 

The process started with a what did we learn from the last 12 months of analytics? Once we framed our user experience, our creative and digital teams brought the website to life. If you would like to meet the Chimps to chat digital, check out the map and follow the bananas. 

Clients often ask us how often should we update and upgrade our digital presence? It’s a bit like cleaning your house, how many people are coming to your door, how long are they staying for and will they come back. We help provide strategic communication planning advice for content development and delivery to keep things fresh and help your SEO. Updating your front end every 18 months to 2 years is a good rule of thumb and when you have a Chimp CMS platform it is easy to customize front end changes and continue to evolve your brand with changing seasons and industry trends. Refresh those sliders and update the content regularly, but also make sure you are using your analytics and staying competitive by improving your user experience and really you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing the same outfit everyday for two to three years, would you? 

The only thing we could think of to make our make our site better would be virtual Scratch ’n Sniff – mmmmm bananas.


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