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3 Easy Steps to QR Code Genius

Mar 06, 2014

QR Codes, less commonly known as Quick Response Codes, can be seen in all sorts of places and when used effectively can be...well effective.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of QR codes, ya they are turning the same age as Justin Bieber, let’s look at how to best use this piece of two-dimensional technology.

A huge intrigue of using QR Codes is that they don't cost anything, and that they are so simple to create that anyone with a computer, a URL and a vague knowledge of what they are can make one. QR Codes can be used to build relationships with customers through offering deals and insider information. More than half of Canada use smartphones and this number has been climbing since 2012, marketers recognize the importance of getting users to take action immediately or risk being forgotten.

While the use of QR Codes are diminishing, but they are still a great way to easily link your print material to the digital world.

Some important notions that you need to know when using QR codes are:

1. It’s Instant
When the public is bored and flipping through a magazine or sitting in a bus shelter waiting for their bus to arrive, there is a captive audience and they might be interested in. Provide a call to action by offering a special deal only available through scanning the code or providing additional info on a related topic or directions to the location of the store/office. Make sure not to miss the opportunity to continue the conversation with your audience.

2. Know what your audience is doing when looking at your ad
Be aware of where your placing your QR codes. Avoid moving objects, billboards or locations where viewers are not able to stop and scan, or reach.

3. Know where the QR Code is taking the user
Are you sending them to your social media so that they can like your company/organization? Or are you sending them to your website? Make sure that where you are sending them is mobile-friendly and that it relates to the call to action.

Check back later for more QR code tips!

Enjoy (but don't stare for too long)

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