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Creating a LinkedIn Business Page

Apr 08, 2014

LinkedIn is a great tool to use in the promotion of your business to a, dare-I-say, more affluent group interested in your services and products, in addition to talent acquisition.

In order to set up a Company Page you must meet the requirements set out by LinkedIn, so make sure you have these six requirements. If your company doesn't have all of the requirements alternatively you can create a group instead.

Once you have a Page set up, work on filling out all of the information and making it a complete Page with an updated cover image and logo, nothing will deter a new client from your Page faster than not having a complete Page. Use the company description to your advantage, visitors want a description short enough to get a gist of what you do but long enough to establish a connection. Here you will find that information will be included such as your website, size of organization, founding date, your specialties and more that LinkedIn sets up to share with your visitors, so ensure not to repeat info.

As always with social media, you have to make the commitment to be consistent and provide valuable content to your audience. Through LinkedIn this can be completed through Company Updates, where you have the ability to capture attention and give updates about what is going on with you. These posts will show up in followers' news feeds and will populate your Company Page so when clients, customers, consumers, guest, visitors or whatever your company calls 'em land on your Page there is a valuable set of information for them to view. No room for silly mistakes, take the time to read what you have written, because once its out there, its out there. Always use pictures to accompany the post and include a link when possible, connecting users to your website to learn more and have the opportunity to buy what you are selling, that is the ultimate goal now, isn't it?

Please keep in mind, as of April 14, 2014 products will be removed from Company Pages (so if you want to keep your recommendations, save em to a Microsoft Word Doc for your records, but you have to ask the authors permission to post them in another location) but don't worry you can still display your products in two ways. 

Option 1: You can show off a product as a Company Update, use your products, show an image and include reviews and recommendations, make sure to include links to where your products or services can be purchased. 

Option 2: Create a Showcase Page, this allows you to focus on particular products and helps you to build relationships with the visitors and your offerings.

Don't forget to encourage your employees to follow you on LinkedIn, by updating their accounts and listing you as their employer. They ought be to proud that you are taking interest in how you are represented online and should be excited to include you on their profiles. 

It's a good idea to take a look at what the best are doing, and in this case LinkedIn identified the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2013, this list includes big names such as Adobe, Dell and Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts. Naturally, I took a spin through all of their LinkedIn Pages; out of all of them I was most impressed with Mashable's Company Page. Granted Mashable has a gigantic pool of content as their website features a  mash-up of articles, stories and posts, but they didn't just throw all of their content on there they took the time to curate what content will benefit the users that are connected with them on Linkedin. The articles they feature are populated regularly and aim to help the viewers improve on a personal level, nice move Mashable.

Enjoy getting LinkedIn!


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