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GetGlue becomes tvtag...Duh!

Feb 03, 2014

The idea that your Social Network’s name should at least on some level, be tied to its functionality is a pretty established concept. Pinterest users pin images they are interested in to their personal boards, Facebook offers a photographic catalogue featuring the faces of your friends and family and Twitter…ummmm…okay so it is not an all encompassing rule but you get the point!

The television watching, second screen app GetGlue has built itself a solid niche since its launch in 2010, but while its growth has been steady it has certainly not taken off the way other networks like Pinterest have in relatively the same time frame.

The name change to tvtag will certainly help with this, a name that effectively communicates the core purpose of the app’s functionality is a no brainer. The enhanced functionality also offers some promise, rather then the current check-in to the show you are watching (Foursquare style model) used to date, tvtag will have increased focus on specific moments quotes etc. within the programs, providing a curated and user friendly real-time platform for engagement with other viewers.

People love talking about TV on Facebook and Twitter. Will they transfer this enthusiasm in large numbers to a separate dedicated platform? That remains to be seen, but ditching what was probably the worst name in the world of social media is certainly a positive step. Well played tvtag, you’re it!

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

P.S. Please fire whoever made this commercial IMMEDIATELY!

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