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Introducing Chimp Chatter!

Jan 14, 2014

It’s new! It’s revolutionary! It’s… well lets not get carried away here, it is another ad agency blog. But! Hyperbole is the common sin of all great agencies and avoiding it is usually not only impossible, but also unnecessary.

The audience has come to expect a level of overselling in any promotional writing but that does not mean there is not truth buried just below the extra gloss that comes standard with any writing in this industry. At the end of the day it is about entertainment!

So when I tell you that Chimp Chatter will be THE GREATEST, MOST INSIGHTFUL  POP CULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY BLOG ANYWHERE AND A SEMINAL MOMENT FOR THE FUTURE OF AGENCY BLOGGING… You know what I really mean is we will be pumping out some cool articles from different members of the Chimp team weekly and you should check them out.

What are we going to talk about? Well that depends on who is writing, it could be Chimp Jenny spilling the latest trends in flat design. Chimp Daniel giving tips on creating great user experiences. Chimp Alyssa with some helpful advice for dealing with a challenging client or me trying my best to piece together a cohesive article on social media while still sneaking in my thoughts on the week’s upcoming NFL schedule.

So here we go, Chimp Chatter is officially launched! Read, enjoy and check back often!


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