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Introducing the NEW Chimp CMS!

Jul 02, 2014

The anticipation has been building for months and after a lot of hard work from the Chimp programming team and rigorous testing, the latest version of our proprietary Content Management System has officially arrived!

Needless to say things move pretty quickly in the world of software development, and while our previous CMS version released in 2012 is still performing admirably, proactively looking to improve and stay current with the latest programming languages is essential to providing our clients with the best digital products and experiences.

Our latest version was created in Zend 2 Framework utilizing Bootstrap 3 with support for MongoDB. Sounds great doesn’t it… but what does that mean to those looking to design and manage their website using the system? Well for starters our new code base is more flexible than ever allowing for limitless possibilities in regards to site layout & configuration and our web design team can’t wait to take advantage & create some beautiful online experiences!

Having a beautiful, user friendly front end web experience is obviously key, however this is just one half of Chimp CMS product. Delivering the most comprehensive, user friendly web content management experience on the market is the other.

While other competitor products and open source systems like Wordpress and Drupal often fall victim to the dreaded “code bloat”. Chimp CMS is completely customizable on a project by project basis allowing for a clean back-end which includes only the modules necessary for that particular site’s functionality.

Sounds pretty great right? We think so!

Have questions? Get in touch with us, we would love to give you the grand tour of the Chimp CMS and discuss how it can deliver results for your business!

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