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iOS 7.1 and the iPhone 4

Mar 20, 2014

Say cheese… okay hold that pose, just another second, keep smiling, don’t move...click. This scenario is a familiar one to iPhone 4 users who have upgraded to iOS 7 only to find the opening time for their camera app has slowed to a crawl rendering its usage frustrating at the best of times and down right un-useable for the remainder.

Apple’s adoption rate for iOS 7 currently sits at over 80 percent among compatible devices. This is definitely an impressive rate, but among that figure is a sizable number of iPhone 4 owners who yearn for the lag free typing and all around quicker response time of iOS 6.

That a four year old piece of hardware is capable of running iOS 7 at all is a testament to the quality and lifespan of Apple products (my inner fanboy speaking) and I definitely appreciate Apple’s wishes to include as many users as possible in their beautiful new technicolor world. This being said, I do not agree with forcing customers to endure an inferior user experience from what they had previously, which is what anyone running the latest iOS on their 4 will surely attest.

Alas, once you have upgraded to iOS 7 there is no going back, this has been a contentious point at Chimp HQ which where 60% of our staff are iPhone 4 users. Sure there are some settings changes that can be applied to speed up response, and a good old fashioned app purge can also help things, but there is just no hiding the fact that the iPhone 4’s hardware is just not up to the task.

In the latest software update, version 7.1, performance on the iPhone 4 has been improved, but is still not equal to iOS 6. With many iPhone 4 users simply looking to ride out the last few months of their contracts before upgrading their device, the overall experience is just not worth the hassle.

I understand Apple’s eagerness to bring as many users as possible up to speed with the latest operating system and there is no denying iOS 7 has some awesome features that function great on my iPad Mini. This being said, not allowing customers who upgrade their operating system and immediately regret doing so to revert is just plain selfish. In fact I have encountered several people who have bought new iphones after enduring the performance struggles of their previously fine iPhone 4’s on iOS 7. Conspiracy?

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