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Wunderlist vs. Any.Do

Mar 26, 2014

I recently set out to find a good, easy to use “To-Do List” app that encourages me to not only plan ahead and stay on task, but helps to make me that much more paperless.

My first qualification was that it must function on a desktop computer as well as on my iPad. Through searching on the Google Chrome Web Store, I found Wunderlist and Any.Do. Some apps link well from your mobile device to your home or work computer, helping to keep you organized and maintain productivity, these two proved to do a pretty good job, thank goodness!


One benefit of Wunderlist was that it allows users to create tasks and subtasks. You get to check off each item as you go and who doesn't love being able to cross things off of a list?

To remind and notify you of the task due date, the app sends out multiple alerts like push notifications to your tablet or phone, email to your account, in-app notifications, all of which ensure you get the message, kind of like a built in snooze-deterrent.

A cool feature of Wunderlist is that if you receive an email and want to remind yourself about it later, just email it to me@wunderlist.com and it will be added to your task list. Additionally, Gmail users can add on the extension to their account, allowing it to be integrated into the page view letting you see your list whenever you are working on your email.

If you feel apt to buy the pro version, it was developed to offer additional features including sharing ideas, deadlines and files with a team of people and gives you added ability to have group conversations.


Small, clean, unobstructive and easy to figure out. This straightforward app aims to simplify the process, including moving tasks around and making certain items priority.

This application has built in Gmail functions that seamlessly allows you to add emails to your "To-Do" List and remind you to respond at a later time. I'm a big fan of this as I often flag emails, but this will send me a reminder to look at and action it.

Any.Do has a line of applications that are being released that integrate fully with Any.Do, currently available is the Calendar Application which works with deadlines placed on Any.Do tasks.

If you have an Android phone, there is a sizeable widget that keeps you on task with all of your daily events, which sure is handy!

On the mobile phone application you can mark the tasks for today as done, move it to later or delete. Once you have been through all of your tasks the app celebrates and tells you you finished that list "like a boss."

Head to Head  

Separates work and personal


Reoccurring events


Sharing ability


Links to calendar




Links to phone/tablet





Any.Do x 1Million

And the winner is...

I preferred Any.Do, if I were to be using it with a group of people though I would probably have to get used to Wunderlist!


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